How much does a typical real estate shoot cost? My rates for real estate start at $225. Pricing is based on square footage, and for a 2500 square foot home in Orange County, my rate is $250. For larger properties the fee will range from $300-$1000.  

How will you send me the images? You will receive an email with a download link, and instructions on how to download the images. Images can also be viewed via this download link. 

How long will my shoot last? Unless you hear from me otherwise, all shoots are completed in two hours or less. 

Is this your full-time job? Yes. I focus all my efforts on architectural photography, and I make a point to have my work critically reviewed by other interiors photographers on a weekly basis.

I produce images from elevated perspectives using a specialized tripod. Aerial photos can also be added into your package.  

Do you only shoot real estate photographs? My clients include anyone in need of outstanding imagery for their marketing campaigns. Clients include architects, stagers, interior designers, builders, cabinet and tile manufacturers/installers etc. 

How long have you been an architectural photographer? I have almost 20 years of experience with lighting rigs and setups, shooting everything from fashion to products, and 15 years of experience with advanced masking and blending techniques in Photoshop. I currently focus all of my efforts into architectural photography, and have been doing it professionally for five years now.   

When will I receive the photos? For real estate clients, the images are guaranteed to be delivered the same evening as they were shot. All other clients I speak with about delivery time on an individual basis. 

Do you supply both MLS size photos, and high resolution photos for printing? Yes. I will send you two sets of images: one set specifically sized for the MLS, and a second set that is meant for high resolution viewing on the web and for printing. 

What is the best time of day for the shots of the exterior? The best time of day will undoubtedly be during twilight, just after the sun goes down. Twilight exteriors add drama and romanticism to your listing. There is simply no better marketing tool than a well-done twilight exterior. 

Do you produce aerial photographs? Yes. Just ask, and aerial images can be worked into your package. I also shoot elevated images from a specialized tripod (pictured in the image to the right). 

What exactly do I get when I hire you to produce real estate marketing photographs? You receive a very standard real estate photography license, which enables you to use the images for any purpose linked with the marketing of the property in question. The license, or the right for you to use the photographs, ends when the home is sold or re-listed. Further, the license is non-transferable, which means you are not permitted to give the images to another party not in connection with the marketing of the property. Examples would include a stager or builder who asks you for the images for their portfolios. 

How do I pay you? You can pay at the shoot by way of credit card, check or cash. If you are unable to pay at the shoot for whatever reason, an invoice with payment instructions will be sent to your email address shortly after the images are delivered. 

I have a question that you didn't answer! Please don't hesitate to give me a call/text (949 973-7673), or send me an email (andrew@pecephoto.com).