When it comes down to it, our job as real estate photographers is really about efficiency. In this intensive course, I teach you how to produce well-lit images that your clients will love, in the most efficient way possible. 

I designed this course for anyone to be able to follow, even if you have never operated a DSLR! We start off by discussing the camera and taking an in depth look at the essential settings and features you will need to know how to use in your real estate photography work. 

We then shoot an entire 3 bedroom pool home in Hua Hin, Thailand. You will learn via onsite video how to light spaces as efficiently as possible. For each image, we move to the post processing stage, where the real magic happens. With the clean and professionally lit raw materials we gathered in the field, we discuss how to quickly piece the photographs together into the polished and professional photos your clients are after. 

As evening approaches, we head into the backyard of the home and begin the process of creating 4 twilight exterior images. In keeping with our theme of efficiency, we even learn to create twilight images as much as one hour before sunset. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the light to be right, you will learn to create it yourself. Nothing can be more efficient than that. 

We then jump into an entire section dedicated to building your portfolio, designing your website, and finally, how to get clients.  

Lastly, I give you all the documentation I feel you need to jump start your business and get up and running without a hitch.

The price of the course is $199 payable via Paypal or credit/debit card by using the Paypal check out button below. However, the course is currently on sale for $125! After you've made payment, you will be directed to a thank you page where you can download the course and start watching immediately. The course is downloaded in eight segments, and in its entirety is 24.56GB.

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  • Adding light to twilights

  • Taming those out of control lights on a twilight image

  • Color correcting twilights

  • Multiply blend mode and how it helps our efficiency

  • Reflecting a replaced sky in a body of water

  • Single frame twilight example

  • Pre-twilight shots in place of "waiting for the light"

  • Discussion on order of twilights for best efficiency

  • Lighting a pool

  • Letting Photoshop layer your files for you

  • Exciting bonus sunrise golden light lesson


  • Dealing with common bathroom reflections

  • Letting spaces light themselves

  • Difficult rooms with colored ceilings and walls

  • Efficient two-frame "Vignette Lighting"

  • Lighting adjacent rooms with only one light

  • An easy way to light almost any space


  • Website development and design

  • SEO strategies

  • Portfolio development for interiors

  • Portfolio development for exteriors

  • Drone use and aerials for real estate photography

  • Golden hour lighting and techniques

  • How to get clients


  • Better efficiency with your verticals

  • How to export and deliver your files

  • How to composite faster. MUCH FASTER.

  • Dealing with horrendous backlight

  • How to add fires and photos to TV screens

  • Take your "cloning" to another level

  • Blue channel sky replacements


  • Camera settings for real estate photography

  • Understanding and managing aperture, ISO and shutter speed

  • Mode dial

  • Exposure, and how to use histograms and highlights/blinkies

  • How to focus real estate photographs

  • Camera sync speeds


  • Why we use flash discussion

  • Working with the Camranger: our remote trigger

  • Composition guidelines to follow

  • "45 degree rule"

  • How to find your flash exposure

  • Adobe Camera Raw (or Lightroom) settings and presets

  • Gear: course has a gear webpage with links to every piece of gear

  • Why learn masking and compositing (aka "blending" or "flambient")?

  • What is a mask, and how to use them

  • Ideal brush settings for brushing on our masks

  • The special relationship between flash and shutter speed

  • White balance theory and discussion

  • Recommended triggers and why

  • Getting one-point perspectives accurate in the field

  • Intro to Photoshop actions

  • Quickly masking in blue sky for interior photos

  • How we can "clone" objects without cloning

  • Using clipping masks in Photoshop

  • Discussion on diffusers and when they should be used

  • How to easily remove hotspots or problem areas from any photo

  • Lighting long, difficult spaces in an efficient manner

  • Lights on or off discussion

  • How to shoot lights off, and flip them on in post-production

  • Controlling and molding fake sunlight to your desire

  • What you need to know about the inverse square law

  • Luminosity blend mode and its uses

  • Darken mode window pulls

  • How to get your ambient darker when limited by sync speed

  • "Digital sky replacements"

  • How to leverage actual sky patterns with our sky replacements



The gear I use in the course, and bring to every one of my shoots. Owning the large 600ws Rovelight is not necessary to follow the course; I use a basic speedlight in most of the videos.

  • Photoshop actions and a video on how to load them

  • Five page glossary of terms for real estate photographers

  • "Photoshop is acting crazy" checklist to pin next to computer

  • Sky, sunset and fire library to get you started

  • My actual terms and conditions

  • My actual invoice for real estate work

  • Home preparation sheet tips document to improve efficiency

  • Access to the Facebook page for questions and extras


  • A person who has never picked up a camera could follow this course! I designed it for anyone to be able to understand.

  • Working photographers who want to move into real estate photography from another discipline

  • Working real estate photographers who want to move from HDR to lights, without slowing down or having to buy a lot of equipment

  • Working real estate photographers who want to continue using lights, but use less of them and be able to move faster onsite


  • 55 videos

  • Over 10 hours of instructional videos

  • HD 1080p

  • Universal MP4 format

  • 8 downloads, all under 4GB

  • First download is 1.6GB, so you can start watching ASAP


Learn the techniques that top-notch photographers use to get clean, professional and color corrected results as efficiently as possible. Click and toggle for a closer comparison of the before/after.    

Shoot daytime exterior photos in seconds onsite, and learn how to efficiently batch process the well-exposed single frames into images that your clients will love. Click and toggle for a closer comparison of the before/after.      

Learn to deal with very difficult lighting situations and window pulls. The below image was created in one minute onsite (no onsite video for this image), and if you follow all of the techniques in the course, can be edited in one to two minutes in post production. Click and toggle for a slideshow before/after comparison. 

Why sit on your butt and wait for the light to be just right, all for it just to disappear in minutes!? In the course, we create two "Pre-Twilight" images. Pictured below is an image shot one hour before sunset! Not many things can be more valuable to a real estate photographer than augmenting the number of high quality twilights he can deliver. Click for a slideshow comparison. 

Learn to mold sunlight to any shape desired, so you do not have to fiddle with lighting and attain the perfect look in the field. The below sequence is 1) before sunlight is added, then 2) adding "sunlight" in the field, and 3) the final frame shows how the fake sun from the middle frame has been molded to our desire in post production. 


I am happy to answer any questions you have about the course content or downloads. However, I do not give refunds on digitally downloaded products. Thank you for understanding. 


Quit Your Job Real Estate Photography Course