How important is it that your photographer be a specialist? Is it ok if your photographer also does video, makes brochures, produces Matterport tours or a host of many other potential services? I am here to tell you the answer is "No, it is not ok"!

Since the World Series is being played, I thought it would be a good time to use baseball as an analogy to help us understand how important a role specialization plays in high quality results or performances. Professional baseball pitchers will normally start off their baseball careers at a young age as both amazing hitters and pitchers. Yet, when they make it to the big leagues, the amount of work it takes to remain sharp and be able to capably hit professional pitchers is enormous. But, the pitchers must spend every waking moment of practice working on their pitching routines and fundamentals. There is simply no time for pitchers to ever get any hitting practice. They must specialize to remain relevant. And if you look at the statistics, these once very capable hitters are relegated to being absolutely abysmal hitters as a result. You won't see the coaches allow them to work on their hitting because they know from experience that splitting their time will result in them losing their edge as pitchers. Check out Nate Silver's 2004 Article for a more detailed discussion on all of this. 

Keeping all that in mind, let's again dive back into the realm of photography. If you've got a photographer, and he decides he is going to take on even a single other discipline such as video, what do you think the result is going to be? Like pitchers, good photographers are working hard everyday to keep their skill set sharp and to improve their imagery. If you add even a single other discipline, the result is going to be disastrous. Now, try to imagine if the photographer took on multiple other disciplines like weddings, floor plans, brochures, aerials etc. 

Don't let generalists fool you, even the ones that only perform a couple of disciplines. You'd never go get an eye exam, and sitting in that same chair get a tooth pulled. It would be very very convenient for us to do something like that, but the fact is we need a different office for each discipline, we need different equipment and a different specialist to perform both procedures. In doing it this way, we feel safe that our professional is competent and up to date with all the cutting edge techniques and equipment. Don't ever feel that picking your photographer is any different.