Recently I was lucky enough to shoot a beautiful lodge in the Oregon City area. The property the lodge rests on is amazing in itself, surrounded by nothing but pine trees, a small body of water that supports catch-and-release trout fishing, and the freshest air you could ever hope to breathe. 

I wanted to shoot the lodge at twilight, and give it a warm and inviting feel. The problem was that the sun was setting behind the lodge, making for a difficult exposure. If I shot the house too early, it did not really give me the feel I wanted (see image below). 

Shooting the house later in the evening did not give a suitable result either. Since the sun was setting behind the lodge, the brown color of the lodge was very dark while the sky was still very bright (see image below). 

The solution is to pour light on the structure and landscaping one frame at a time.

Now we have the house lit, the sky properly exposed, and can play with the tones and lighting in photoshop to produce the final warm and inviting result we were after.