What is "Fewer Words. Better Photographs."?

It is an advertising concept that Andrew Pece Photography encourages you to incorporate into your own marketing campaigns, because of its obvious effectiveness in corporate America. 

What do we see when we look at a Victoria Secret Catalogue? 

We see the products in an idealized setting. We see Fewer Words. We see Better Photographs. Because it works.

Think of other major advertising campaigns. Is there a pattern? Does the image of the Big Mac on the billboard look like the Big Mac you purchased?

We encourage you to use Fewer Words in your advertising campaigns, and to replace them with Better Photographs. 

Reactions we would like from our photographs: Attention. Emotion. Desire.  

Here at Andrew Pece Photography, to inspire these reactions, we stop at nothing to produce: Modern. Stylish. Compelling. Eye-catching. Better Photographs.


Fewer Words. Better Photographs. in action. 

Which home would you rather rent to spend a romantic weekend getaway in? (can view in a slideshow by clicking to compare)

Which contractor would you rather have build your back yard?

Which photographer would you rather have produce images of your space?

Which realtor would you rather hire to list your home? 

Fewer Words. Better Photographs. What can the concept and its execution do for you?