Whether you are just getting into real estate photography, or are a seasoned pro, lights and triggers can be a confusing subject to tackle. In the video, I explain why I feel speedlights are underpowered for most real estate work, and discuss the flash units I feel are best suited for onsite real estate work. As important as the flash units themselves are the triggering mechanisms used to fire the flash. In the video, I discuss triggering options as well. 


The Rovelight 600B. Although they don't produce this particular unit any longer, I highly recommend every real estate photographer have at least one 600ws light in their bag. 

Control panel on the Rovelight 600B.

I used to own quite a few Nikon speedlights. I sold every last one of them when the first flash unit with a built in trigger (YN 560iii) appeared on the scene. 

The YN 560iii flash unit made by Yongnuo.