Some people joke that you don't even need to focus wide angle, interiors photographs. Surprisingly, this isn't far from the truth. In the video blog, I discuss what I feel is the fastest, most hassle free, and pragmatic way to focus your real estate photographs. 


My Tokina 12-28 focused at approximately 10 feet away at 12mm, which I find to be a nice "sweet spot" where everything from small bathrooms, to exteriors, to kitchens will all be in focus. On many occasions, I leave my lens on this setting for entire shoots and everything looks great. 

I handhold my detail shots, and use my camera's auto focus. Details like this one, shot with my 50mm 1.8, and photos where I zoom to the long end of my Tokina 12-28 are the only times I bother with focusing. 

My Tokina 12-28 focused at approximately 75 feet away at 12mm. Sometimes I dial my focus to this spot for exteriors, but many times I simply keep the focus at the 10 feet mark, or what I call the "sweet spot". Notice how close the 75 foot mark is to the 10 foot mark (picture above). 

My Tokina 12-28 focused at approximately 5 feet away at 12mm. If I really want to get the foreground and background in a small bathroom in perfect focus, I can manually dial in the notch to the right edge of the infinity mark. However, I find that simply leaving the focus at the 10 foot "sweet spot" (pictured above left) does just fine for real estate photos.