In the last blog we talked about the fact that YOU NEED TO BE THE PERSON IN CHARGE at a professional real estate photography shoot. Some of you, including myself to be perfectly honest, may have a bit of trepidation when it comes to temporarily stepping into the role of a leader.

I studied Biology in college, and some of my peers and I agree this was one of the best talks we have ever seen. Amy Cuddy is the real deal, and the science behind her assertions is the real deal as well. If you do choose to watch the video below, it will be one of the best 20 minutes you've spent in your life. And, her conclusions will definitely help you to be the confident and "in charge" person you need to be during your most important photography shoots. Not only that, when you're a more confident person, people tend to like your more, which would lead to happier clients and more referrals. 

So, next time you arrive at a big shoot a couple of minutes early, park down the street from the home you will be shooting, and do whatever you can to SPREAD YOUR BODY OUT, and avoid being hunched over and small. Hang your feet out the window, put your arm around the headrest; whatever you can do to spread out for two minutes. I supplied some photos of my own power poses below :)

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 


High-power posing in action. Amy Cuddy's research shows that making your body as large as possible for two minutes or more changes hormone levels in your body resulting in higher confidence. This results in greater effectiveness in social situations. 

Not only is high-power posing shown to be effective, but it is pretty darned fun too once you get the hang of it.