The key to getting better clients is to produce more sophisticated imagery. And, without a doubt, the most sophisticated and beautiful light in interiors photography is window light. What better light to master in order to boost your portfolio forward to start attracting higher end clientele?

In the course, we take an in-depth look at 11 different lighting techniques designed to inspire you and leverage the beauty of well-handled window light in your interiors photography. By the end of the course, you will have each of these 11 window lighting techniques in your back pocket to utilize under varying conditions.

We shoot on location in Bangkok, Thailand for the first 7 window lighting techniques in the course, and we jump in and take a close look at the post-processing stage for each technique. We then take a detailed look at the shooting and editing process of 4 more images by way of my files, which were shot for higher end clients.

The price of the course is $99 payable via Paypal or credit/debit card by using the Paypal check out button below. However, I am currently running a limited time promotion and offering the course for $69. After you've made payment, you will be directed to a thank you page where you can download the course and start watching immediately. The course is downloaded in six segments, and in its entirety is 17.56 GB.

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Learn how to use all the best aspects of window light, while discarding all of its negatives.

Learn how to add, mold and control “sun”, and have it available in your back pocket as a dramatic and color correcting tool whenever you need it.

  • Private Facebook Support Group — Bonus lessons will also be posted on the Facebook page, so be sure to join

  • Gear — Gels, modifiers, triggers, lights, remote camera operation: we start off the course with a discussion on the necessary gear, and get you linked up with the course’s gear webpage in case you have any questions

  • “The Ultimate Ceiling Bounce, and Beyond” — Learn how to take the omnipresent ceiling bounce to the next level, and change your photography forever

  • Ambient/flash ratios — learn to mix your flash with ambient either in the field or in post-production

  • How to perform quick and clean window pulls, and guidelines for not going too dark

  • Sky replacements for interior images

  • Digitally add clean and appealing interior light hotspots to your walls and ceilings

  • A discussion on the problems natural window light brings with it

  • How to work with the best parts of natural window light, while discarding all of its worst aspects

  • How to create natural, color corrected window light in a single frame

  • How to create natural, color corrected window light quickly and easily using multiple lighting frames

  • “Ambient Occlusion” — how we can naturally use the principles and concepts the digital gaming world strives for to our advantage

  • How to avoid “flashy” photos, and a discussion on what makes a photo “flashy”

  • “Lighting Weapons” — In photography we are often confronted with exorbitant equipment costs, but here we learn the most effective and portable tools for window light only cost a few dollars

  • Confronting misconceptions about white balance, and what the heck to do with the information

  • Ways to add “sun” AND soft light to your frames, all with a single light

  • A way to work with clean, color corrected window light almost completely without the use of supplemental lighting

  • Understanding what to do when things move in your composites

  • “Scientifically” correcting flash frame lighting spills with almost any lighting or ambient frame

  • First multiple light setup within the “One Light” series takes place! — Learn how to mix your own lighting frames with “ambient” light, and about inside:outside lighting ratios and how to created more drama in an interiors image

  • Tricks and techniques to mask yourself or lighting out of a frame while maintaining natural lighting patterns

  • Be inspired by the fact that there are built in light modifiers EVERYWHERE!

  • SUN SUN SUN! — Do not ever sit and wait for the sun again. We discuss three ways to mold, control and composite “sun” frames together to quickly and efficiently produce much more dramatic and color corrected imagery, and even how you can counteract the “sun’s” fading intensity due to the inverse square law

  • “Faking Window Light” — For the last formal lesson, we discuss a way to quickly and unobtrusively light spaces and produce high end photos without all of the fuss, because as you all know, we do not always have free reign in the spaces we photograph

  • White Balance — An entire section dedicated to white balance, with a case example shot for an interior designer

  • Private Facebook Page and gear webpage — if there is a concept that is not clear, send me an email, or post your question on the group’s private Facebook page, or stop by the course’s gear webpage where there are links to discussed equipment


  • Photographers who want to start shooting for higher end clients

  • Photographers who want to inject some inspiration and variation into their interiors lighting

  • Photographers looking to start producing better images in shorter amounts of time

  • Photographers who want a better understanding of how to produce color corrected photos with natural lighting patterns


At least one 600ws light is a requirement to follow the course! In two of the images, I did use two 600ws lights, although in both cases I could have gotten by with less power for the second light.


  • “Photoshop is acting crazy!” troubleshooting checklist

  • Access to the Facebook page for questions and extras

  • Access to the course’s gear webpage


  • 14 videos

  • Total of 6.5 hours of onsite and post-processing video

  • HD 1080p

  • Universal MP4 format

  • 6 downloads, all under 4GB


Learn to get as much goodness as you possibly can out of a single frame using only a single light.

Working with the natural light, but not letting it pollute the scene at the same time.    

The ratios between your interior and exterior lights often play an important part in creating more drama.

Mold, control and even correct for the inverse square law of your sun frames. You’ll never have to wait for the sun to get into that proper spot again.

Need to make a bundle of high end images in a single day? Learn to unobtrusively create your own ambient in the “Faking Window Light” section. We discuss ways to use a single, compact modifier to do this, or in the case of the photo created in the series below, no modifier at all! This photo was created in less than 5 minutes onsite.


I am happy to answer any questions you have about the course content or downloads. However, I do not give refunds on digitally downloaded products. Thank you for understanding. 


Advanced window Lighting architectural and real estate photography course